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Error Code S102 & stuck at 33%

I'm trying to set up my new TV to the V6 box (previously had an old TV on scart into a TIVO), but despite at least a couple of hours and calls to Virgin and finally speaking to someone.. they don't know what to do to fix this and said they are escalating and will take up to 48 hours.

I've seen this issue appear on forums.. couldn't see how problems were fixed however, just growing frustration and delays.. bit concerned by this.

Any technicians out there that might know if there is a way to resolve this? is this a faulty box because apparently the signal is reaching the box but the box is not reacting??

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Re: Error Code S102 & stuck at 33%

Hi TonyMarcham,

I'm sorry you are having issues. That error messaage means the box hasn't been activated yet.

You need to call 0800 953 9500 to activate the box. You will need the box serial number, and your account number and area code.

If that doesn't work then I'm afraid you need to speak to  New accounts and Set Up for them to complete the setup and activation.

That would be options 1,1,1 and 4 if dialling 150 from a Virgin landline , or options 1,1,2 and 4  if dialling 0345 4541111 from any other phone


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