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Dolby Digital / HDMI sound issues

I have an ongoing sound quality issue with my TiVo box. This has been occurring intermittently since the box was installed several years ago. We've put up with it for some time but it has now reached a stage where we would like to get something done about it.

My TiVo is connected to my hifi receiver (a Denon AVR-x2200W) via HDMI in order to provide full surround sound capability when viewing films, sport, etc.

I routinely experience 2 different sound issues.
The first is a complete loss of the middle (dialogue) sound channel. This is the most common and frequent issue.
The second occurs primarily on the movie channels only. It is a full drop out of sound for about half a second every 30 seconds.

I believe I have established that the issue does not lie with my hifi receiver. Surround sound works perfectly well when coming from my BluRay player.
I have also plugged my TiVo into different inputs on the receiver. The fault still occurs.
Lastly, I have tried several different HDMI cables and have connected via optical cable. This is not a cable fault.

I have checked my TiVo audio settings. My receiver has Dolby Digital decoding so I've selected "Dolby Digital" output on the TiVo rather than "Dolby Digital to PCM".
(Switching to "Dolby Digital to PCM" seems to produce a simple stereo output rather than Dolby Surround which is what I require)

I was visited today by a Virgin Media engineer to upgrade my WiFi router. He had a look at my TiVo box while he was here but was unable to fully diagnose the problem (it wasn't occurring at the time.....typical!!). He suggested that there may be a compatibility issue as I have an older model TiVo 500. He suggested that an upgrade to a V6 box may clear this issue.

As it stands, we are not able to enjoy our HD/Surround experience to its full level. I have reached the stage where I would like to get this matter cleared up as soon as possible.

Any guidance from the community would be very welcome!

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Re: Dolby Digital / HDMI sound issues

Hi I have had my 5.1 sound system with optical direct from amp to the TV with both a TiVo & a V6 it works perfectly, so if your TV has optical port that may solve the problem, as I had problems direct from both ports on the older TiVo box & V6 it just takes a different route, hope you have some luck.Regards Micky
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Re: Dolby Digital / HDMI sound issues

Have you tried connecting the TiVo directly to the TV to see if it still happens?

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