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Copy TiVo settings incomplete


I just got a new V6 box to replace my broken TiVo. I have had the TiVo for many years (I got one of the first!), so built up quite a few Series Links, WishLists, and Suggestions. I was keen to preserve them and used the "Copy TiVo settings" feature. This said the operation had been queued, and I saw a few of my old Series Links under "Series Link+", but only about 15 of them - and no WishLists or many Thumbs settings.

In case that one "didn't take", I have tried to repeat the operation several times over the last few days (since the first on 20 Nov). Each time it lets me fill in the request, but at the end it now says:

  Oops, there was a problem
  Unfortunately it has not been possible to add your request to the TiVo queue.

Do you have any ideas how to fix this and transfer over my full set of settings?


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