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Colour saturation TiVo box

Joining in

We are experiencing terrible issues with colour saturation despite resetting the box, clearing all the apps on the tv (it’s a Samsung tv), turning off and on etc. it’s got to a point that watching tv is impossible as the picture is so awful. We have good hdmi leads, watching normal digital tv is absolutely fine so it’s not the tv, it’s the streaming via the TiVo box. Any advice? 



Try resetting the picture settings on the tv while watch the TiVo.  Most tvs have a different set of settings for each input so it may be somebody has adjusted them for that HDMI input.

1.2Gb/100Mb in Oxford (area 31) using SH5

Checked all that, same issue 😬 thanks though. 

Hi Nicolag3, thanks for the message and welcome to the forums.

I am sorry to hear that you are having issues with the colour, can you confirm if this is the case since posting?

When you do a fault test via the online account does it allow you to book an engineer? ^CW