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Cancelling When Disabled

I have disability which keeps me from speaking on the phone and have regular panic attacks. I had to leave my home because disability payments didn't give me enough to support myself. Now I'm being harassed with phone calls from Virgin because their disability service team can't handle account cancellations. 

I've always had trouble with communications with Virgin Media, at first I couldn't even pay my bills because their form wouldn't accept my correct details, and I had to go from chat to chat being told the only way to pay otherwise was via phone call. It wasn't until I was told by Twitter that there was a text service that I actually managed to talk to someone but it seems there's very little they can deal with and the service takes days to get back to you.

I sent them messages asking if they'd cancel my account for me and arrange a payment plan so I could pay off the cancellation fee and they said the only way is to call. I can't do that. Like I said, I have a disability. I can't change it. They asked if someone could phone them on my behalf I said I'm mostly on my own but would try to find someone, but it couldn't be right away. I asked if this was okay and they ignored me. 

Now I have an email saying my debt is being handed to a collector. I literally just want to cancel my account and pay the fee because I haven't used my services in months. I left my home in June with nothing and now I can pay bits and pieces I really want to. I just can't because it's not accessible to me.

They said in the email that they've sent me letters but they know I won't have received them. They didn't even ask for my new address when I said I'd left my home, so they know I wouldn't be notified of updates. They know that I couldn't answer my phone even if they do continue to call me 5 times or more a day (which they know has triggered panic attacks for me). It feels like I'm talking to a brick wall whenever I try to sort this out. 

Has anyone experienced anything like this before? Is there another way to choose a fee plan online or talk to someone? The stress of this is just too much. 

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Re: Cancelling When Disabled

I have been dealing with disability for over ten years,  I know have the sympathetic nature of a rock. Have you been in touch with citizens advice, I found them very helpful when I had major problems with the Jobcentre. 

a good web site to visit is  and

If I can be of more help, send me a private message. I am experienced in  "sticking to the man"

Just remember you are not alone, lots of people can and will help.

Best wishes 

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