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According to our account we have the Full House package for our Tivo Box but most 'Boxsets' have 'upgrade to watch' beside them now.  I phoned Virgin about this today and the person said that it was similar to on demand movies and you pay for each boxset. Is this so? This does not seem to fit with the terminology 'upgrade to watch', and why do we have to pay for something that used to be included in package anyway?

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Re: Boxsets

A few things spring to mind here, and I suspect the problem is terminology more than anything..

Boxsets are included on Full-House/XL/Maxit, the on-screen prompt should either say "included in your package" or not be there. If you're getting "Upgrde to watch", then it should only be because you're on a lower package. But there could be a couple of other reasons for this.

Some of the "boxsets" listed under the VOD menus are actually Starzplay and/or Netflix programmes - if you actually select the series it should be clear this is the case, but I think some of the genre-type folders contain content from the streaming services as well as boxsets. Following Home > On Demand > Boxsets > Channels, and then ignoring the Starzplay folder, is a good enough way to avoid this problem.

Some customers have reported issues with the "upgrade to watch" flag showing even when the content is genuinely boxsets, and they are on FH/XL/Maxit packages, this appears to be an error and one which only VM can resolve.

I suspect the agent you spoke to, is getting confused between boxsets and what I'd call "Pay Per View", which is indeed chargeable every time. I'll make a leap of judgement here and comment that when companies send their C/S offshore, people who don't actually use the services they're supporting are far more prone to not understand nuances and usability issues with those services.

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