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I have recently had an account transfer after months of waiting.

It is finally in my name but I am highly confused and frustrated, I received a letter stating that the account will be taken over by myself on the 6th, and it states the payment for the package will be £66 as before I took over it was £53, I havnt yet signed or agreed to this price nor had I chosen any packages, so I rang and asked them why the price is so high, and they replied saying i have the mixed tv bundle which I don't want, I explained its too expensive and I want to change this ASAP as I am on universal credit and cant afford this price.

She went on to say she will call be back to help with me discounts and change my package but never rang me back.

Today I have received another letter stating I owe over £100, I simply cannot afford this, I am very angry and id like to cancel my account all together as I feel this is very unfair.

Thank you.

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