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Appaling installation service

Dear Virgin Media team,

I hope this email finds you well!

I have since my first experience with you company in 2008 been very happy with the broadband speed and customer service until when I asked to have my account closed in 2010/11 and then trying to become once again a customer of your on 2 occasions, the last one ending today.

The reason being as follow:

Once I cancelled my contract and direct debit an invoice was raised which i had already moved address, paid for it and all in 2010 - Messed up personal  credit score due to a mistake from accounts department. 5 years of trouble.

Then I decided to order your business broadband when it first became available in my business area SW8, Business Broadband order - 1063222-1709524_PARAIBA LIMITED   - 2017 – cancelled order request due to staff having to be paid to be onsite from 8am and engineers not turning up without any reasonable excuse,  TWICE.

I Tried once again, having the first request made on 28/01/2019 and now after the second visit  - Business Broadband - SL-0000014721 Paraiba Ltd – April 2019 -  Today has been the second time engineers did not turn up. Another waste of money and time. First visit was cancelled due to (Homeless people not moving from site of work) Vey unusual for February London weather and social circumstances. Again had to have staff attending the site from 8am today for not a single soul turning up or phoning despite having several email and phone calls throughout the month to remind of the visit.


What an appalling standard of service.


People do count on companies like yours when they hire their services and this sort of behaviour really does not help.


Get yourselves together and sort this out or move one and sell this to someone more competent !





An angry, after so much trouble,  would be customer!






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Re: Appaling installation service

Hi EduardoAngry,


Thank you for your post. I'm sorry to hear about what has happened with your credit file.


I'm glad to hear that has now been sorted. 


Sadly these boards are for residential accounts and not for business accounts. 


I would recommend using this link for further help:



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