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602 “Wheel of Dome“

Purchased the last Star Wars instalment two days ago, which I was looking forward to viewing. After first 10 minutes with family sat around, the dreaded wheel of dome appeared and Kylo Ren was replaced with a 602 error message. After many re-boots and cable checking I gave up. Calling 150 I was prepared for a sizeable wait due to the current crisis, but with still half a bottle left, talked with an engineer who’s only advice was to wait for 24 hours as “work” was being undertaken in my area. Expecting that all would be sorted, we reconvened this afternoon to fit in the Film before purchase period expired. Alas we saw more of the 602 message than our Intended flick.
A wasted purchase. Tried testing via Virgin Site only to be told to call 150. Even tried focusing on the Force , all to no avail.

Disgusted in the service , as I had only just subscribed to a 12 month Tv, Broadband and landline Package. 

Luke are you out there ??????


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