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What Are You Playing Right Now?

Moderator (Retired)
Moderator (Retired)

I've been a veteran of Gaming for many years now and seen it come from slow loading tapes like the BBC Micro (Which was released before I was born Robot wink) through the console wars of Megadrive vs SNES to Playstation vs Xbox to the modern day. 

So what are you playing now? Let us know what games you've been playing and give us a little description, the more obscure the better Robot Happy

I've recently gotten my hands on No Mans Sky on the PS4, one of the most anticipated games of 2016 and with good reason! So far I've only clocked about 6 hours but I've discovered and named 20 species of alien life, several planets and even named and entire Galaxy after myself. Because I have a massive ego Robot LOL There isn't much in the way of a tutorial so it's been fun just toying about and learning everything for myself. It's early days so I'm sure there's going to be more and more new developments for this game!

Let us know what you've been playing in the comments and happy gaming!




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Alessandro Volta

Although I used to be a "hardcore" gamer, and I still brush up my skills occasionally, due to time constraints its mostly casual stuff these days.

Ive been playing Summoners War for a year or so. Nice little time waster and you don't have to pay to play, spending money levels you up quicker but spending time in the game does the same. Ive also recently started Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes.

On console, replaying the Bioshock collection and PC its Fallout X where X is any number between 2 and 4  Smiley Happy Ive No Mans Sky but haven't had time to play it yet...


Problem sorter

Currently playing 'Haunted Halls: Fear from Childhood'.

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On our wavelength

Currently I'm playing the new season on Diablo 3, as well as a bit of overwatch.


Trying to push higher greater rifts on Diablo, currently got a high of 78 but can maybe do a bit higher.

Community Manager (Retired)
Community Manager (Retired)

Mobile> I've just quit Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, and I'm deciding whether to keep going with Sim City Build it. 
I got a bit too good at both of them, and what you don't pay for with money, you do with time 😞

Nintendo> its Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens. I've finished the main story, but there's loads more to do.
I completed 99% on the original game, so I've a lot to live up to!

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On our wavelength

just weaning myself off tom clancy's the division, started out so well but died a death, still sherpa now and again.

starting off Witcher 3 blood and wine which I've held off playing to prolong my affair with Geralt 🙂 beating the main game was bittersweet so heart of stone was a thrill to get back into the world of my favourite witcher 🙂 ...Touissant looks gorgeous so I'm really looking forward to this

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Moderator (Retired)
Moderator (Retired)

Oh you don't want to get me started talking about the Witcher! I'll be here typing for days Robot tongue I've finished the game but have yet to start on the DLC. I was considering starting a New Game+ with the DLC too but I don't think I have the time!

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Iracing is my main gaming these days.

Though keep getting frustrated that my Internet is not as stable as it should be. I keep having discontinuities recorded on my results. What does this mean. Well it means I frustrate other racers as my car blinks and jumps about on track.

Would be much better if that could be fixed.

Moderator (Retired)
Moderator (Retired)

I've not tried Iracing yet, my friend plays it quite a bit and won't stop raving about it Robot Happy

If you're having trouble playing online I'd suggest creating a thread in Gaming Support board and the community will help as best they can there.

The do's and don'ts. Keep the community welcoming for all. Follow the house rules

I'll check that out. Iracing is awesome. Hard work to get good at it but with people such as Max Verstappen, Ruben Barrichello and Shane Van Gisbergen playing it it can't be bad. I'll check out the link. Thanks.