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The fake Pokemon Go hack going around... beware

Beware out there if you have younger kids or teens that play Pokemon Go. There is a supposedly free coin and items hack.

It is a lie of course and it looks to be a malicious way of getting usernames to report them for cheating or trying to, so people get banned. Or they may collect the usernames to brute force, in anticipation of the upcoming changes to be able to trade items and pokemon.

Here is the coding.

Pastebin is a safe source to view coding, text files etc. If you are unsure then you are under no obligation to click the link.

This is just a warning to prevent impatient kids, like most kids are, to try and gain an upper edge that doesn't exist.

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Re: The fake Pokemon Go hack going around... beware

Thanks, @DABhand for sharing this topic. I'm playing Pokemon Go game and didn't know about this knowledge. But when I click the link what did you post didn't understand about it. Please, can you guide me about it?

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