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PlayStation 5

What does everyone think of the announcement of the PS5?

It's coming next Christmas which means we have just over a year to wait! I'm fairly hyped about this and I think I will be buying it on release day.

They've released a few details just to whet our whistles as fans and it already sounds like an extremely powerful machine. Here are some of the points I grabbed from the Wired article.

  • Supports ray-tracing
  • SSD 
  • 4k blu-ray player
  • Physical games will use 100Gb optical disks
  • Adaptive triggers
  • Haptic feedback
  • USB-C charging

Rumour has it that loading times will be really fast (It cut loading times from Spider-Man almost completely) and although there's no hard and fast news on backward compatibility at the moment, apparently we'll be able to play our PS4 library and potentially our PS3 library. Exciting stuff!

What is everyone else looking forward to? Will you be buying it or will you be waiting for the Xbox )currently nicknamed Project Scarlett) to arrive?

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