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Re: apps for Windows

Stuff like this doesn't help either.  Years ago you had access to the CPU itself with assemblers, other computers used BASIC and the Acorn BBC Micro/Electron had an assembler built in.  Now you don't.  Your operating system was on a ROM chip which booted instantly.  Your CPU was an 8 bit 6502 or Z80 or a variant thereof.  Most 1970/80/90's computers would give you this (quickly and easily): 

PRINT"Hello World"
Hello World

10 FOR C=1 TO 10
20 PRINT C;" ";"Hello World"
1 Hello World
2 Hello World
3 Hello World
4 Hello World
5 Hello World
6 Hello World
7 Hello World
8 Hello World
9 Hello World
10 Hello World

As it stands now there is less and less incentive to code.  Educationally speaking though, Raspberry PI and Python etc isn't Windows, nor will it prepare kids for future versions of it (if it is still the dominant OS in future).  There's a lot of discussion going on and times change.

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Re: apps for Windows

As a fellow Windows ecosystem user (Desktop insider, Surface, tablet & phone) it's nice to still see there are some still committed. I'm holding out a little longer with my Win 10 Mobile as I like it far better than alternatives from Apple (🤮) and Android hopeful that the rumoured Andromeda mobile device from MS might serve as a replacement to my 950. However, most things I can do via the browser on Mobile and PC so other than for my thermostat, apps aren't much of an issue.
A trend to potentially solve the different platform language differences is PWA (Progressive Web Apps) backed by Google and Microsoft so there's chance it might come to something.

Back on the VM apps, if they only made all of the features available via the browser I'd be content. Although watching live is a nice to have, it consider it a total drop of the ball that with the introduction of the two new TV Go & TV Control apps and revamp of the online TV guide that you can no longer set up remote recordings on the TiVo from the web and can only do this from the iOS/Android Control apps 😦. Need to go hunting elsewhere on the forum to see if there's an answer but got distracted by this thread!
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Re: apps for Windows

The silly thing is, the function to set recordings etc WAS THERE in a website accessible to PC's and laptops via a browser. But Virgin Media removed it? The work has already been done. No reason as yet given to why it was removed.


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Re: apps for Windows

That is interesting. So come on Virgin - someone tell us why that facility was removed?

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