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Windows 10 21H2 November update


Windows 10 21H2 November update available this afternoon

A fairly quick update this time

win 10 update 2021-11-19 142527.jpg

winver 2021-11-19 142722.jpg



Tonight: Cumulative and net framework updates

update 2021-11-23 195506.jpg

net frme update2021-11-23 201509.jpg

Now up to Build 19044.1387

wiver 2021-11-23 201355.jpg

Quick update this morning:

update 2021-12-03 064045.jpg

Still at Build 19044.1387

winver 2021-12-03 064446.jpg

Update this morning

win update 2021-12-15 083454.jpg

Now up to build 19044.1415

winver2021-12-15 083614.jpg

I'm still on this :



If it aint broke an all that....!!!!



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 Cumulative Updates tonight Windows 10, net framework and malicious software removal tool

update 2022-01-11 203304.jpg

malw 2022-01-11 203432.jpg

Now up to Build 19044.1466

winver2022-01-11 202940.jpg

Cumulative update tonight

opt qua update 2022-01-19 173232.jpg

Now up to Build 19044.1469

winver 2022-01-19 175914.jpg

Cumulative updates this morning

quality update 2022-01-27 070204.jpg

Net frameworkt 2022-01-27 080735.jpg

Now up to build 19044.1503

winver 2022-01-27 080240.jpg

Cumulative updates and Malicious Software removal tool this morning

Update 2022-02-09 101842.jpg

Now up to Build 19044.1526

winver 2022-02-09 104007.jpg

A long update this morning.

Windows 10 has looked more like Windows 11 from a few updates back

Update 2022-02-16 072732.jpg

net f 2022-02-16 081335.jpg

Now up to build 19044.1566

Winver 2022-02-16 081440.jpg