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VM shrinkflation

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Given the parlous economic circumstances that we are living through many companies are shrinking the product or service that they are offering consumers. 

Without wanting to be left behind here VM are beginning to shrink their email service (hidden away at

I am old enough to remember receiving a physical monthly cable tv listings magazine through the post and being given webspace to create my own magnificent (ahem) website.

Do you have any fond recollections of VM services that once flourished but are no more? 


Alessandro Volta

Usenet/newgroups?  There's one.  Or customer services in general - some of VM's predecessors were quite good, but it's been steadily downhill for many years now.

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Oh wow yeah newsgroups. The Think broadband site has something endearingly similar and analogue on their forums pages.

You'll need to jog my memory on this "customer service" thing though.

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Sending messages/emails via your TIVO box.  Also reading news articles on the VM website.


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Funnily enough I worked for VM when it first launched (Virgin Net) and remember they employed proper journalists (if memory serves me right one Richard Bacon was a rising star in this regard). 

It's not a good idea to rely on your ISPs email anyway.

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Completely agree. 

Fibre optic

The free webspace.  Think it was 50mb in size.  Didn't use it for years then when I thought of a use, they pulled the plug on it a few weeks later.