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VM passwords for alias email addresses

Joining in

I have been using Thunderbird on VMedia email addresses for decades.

VM made changes to their system of passwords. I eventually found a very helpful person, Graham A had written instructions of how to get from VM a password for my primary email address. But that password doesn't work for either of the alias ones. All the VM site offers me is a chance to change the one they issued, there is no facility to get VM to issues additional ones for those aliases.

Anyone have a solution?


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

@JimEngineer  Are you sure that the other addresses are aliases rather than secondary addresses.  With blueyonder you could set up both.  An alias address shares the mailbox and password with the parent email address.

Secondary accounts have their own password and mailbox.  Secondary password changes are made via the My Virgin Media account for the specific secondary account

Sign into the account here: using the email address concerned and the current password. Once logged in click on Account Settings then Account details. You should now see the options to change password etc.

If that isn't available try

If no security answers have been set for the email address concerned then you will need to call in for support and select technical issues> email



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5 June 2023.
Hello Graham A, I have to admit I didn't know of the distinction. It has been the case that my alias/secondary addresses shared the password with my primary email address and on opening the primary email in "My Virgin Media" they were directly available to select. If it is relevant or not, back in December a "Tuesday update" was in progress when the computer crashed. Windows was removed then reinstalled, when I eventually had access to emails, your advice about the VM generated password got the primary one working. One of the other 2 had vanished and the visible one could be accessed on line but not downloaded by Thunderbird. The previous working password was apparently incorrect. The one for accessing the primary address doesn’t work for the other 2.

In “Manage other My Virgin Media accounts” it says “You currently have 2 additional accounts:”.
Each email address is shown but against each the only option is “Delete”.
I have tried “Support” but after waiting in a queue for a very long time I was timed out.
Also the “” facility reverts to the primary email even when I type in one of the secondary ones. So no option there.
I appreciate your help, thank you for your time and expertise.