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Upgrade to SuperHub 5?

Fibre optic

I have Superhub 4.

I want to upgrade to Superhub 5.  Why can’t they let me upgrade?

anyway to upgrade?



Alessandro Volta

VM can't upgrade everyone to the newest hub when you have the 2nd newest hub.

If you want a better router you can get your own with 1 Gb ports and put hub in modem mode.  


What if superhub 4 is faulty or damaged will they then give superhub 5?

As mentioned on the other thread: no. You'll get whatever is in stock and if the Hub 4 was damaged by you either intentionally or through neglect a bill.

Dialled in

Hi first of all you need to have the 1gb broadband, There isn’t lots of them and the difference isn’t massive but all I can say is keep trying.