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Tivo box connection with Slingbox M1

I have connected my Slingbox M1 with the Tivo as suggested in 2017 and since then it has been great.  This is the connection advice:- (You require a Scart to phono adaptor & a triple phono to phono connecting lead (Yellow, White & Red plugs). The yellow lead plugs into the composite video input. The left & right audio to the white & red respectively.)

Having loaded a later Slingbox app to my new Android 9 tablet the app and all other older apps on my other devices fail to load the controller icon and I can not connect video ; only audio plays.  And that is only if I physically operate the controller.  The video stream is not being recognised.  Should I reconfigure COMPONENT SOURCE and/or COMPOSITE SOURCE in the Slingplayer app and if so what settings should be applied ?  Or is there another solution please ? 

Help please.

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