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Alessandro Volta
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The irony that is the super hub 1

So its like this VM can configure the super hub 1 for 200Mb just like the super hub 2 so the irony is VM gave the super hub 1 1Gb ports yet will not let it go much beyond 100Mb they might of save some money if they of given it 100Mb ports.

Many super hub 1 out there I think and VM not doing free upgrades for hubs due to a shortage so is it time VM rethink making the super hub 1 do 200Mb even if its just for modem mode?

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Re: The irony that is the super hub 1

Opinion piece:

TL;DR: Reuse SH1's, fix them up if needed. It's green.  Govt policy is rubbish and far too simplistic towards non/new users.

I suggested reusing SH1's to provide enough hardware to give customers that have difficulty paying for internet some time ago.  The hubs could be refurbished officially; maybe by an authorised 3rd party (more tech jobs, and built in greenness cos its not going in landfill) and connected to VM infrastructure.  However, fast forward to 2021, VM now offer a lower speed option (15Mb/2Mb) for those who find themselves on UC (universal credit) that need to have a connection to the internet to administer it, negating the need for folks to go to their local library/public access terminals (much less secure).  Thing is, politicos of varying types really don't understand that there is a subset of the populace that is forced into doing things that they have no to little knowledge of, taking a rather simplistic approach "training" these individuals.  Apologies if this comes across as nonsense.

The 100Mb ports should've been done by Netgear. I'm also a big fan of Louis Rossmann and R2R.  He should go full on Greta Thunberg style with the green angle.

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