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Test email account

I'm using edison mail app across my mobile devices. There are 2 folders I created on there, which i later deleted. The folders are still showing, but are greyed out. These folders do not show up in the virgin Web mail portal.

A tech guy from the app company has been trying to help me out.. His latest email says : Our engineering team has requested a test account so that we may continue our troubleshooting with this issue. If you're unsure of how to create a test account, please contact your network admin/It.

As I'm sure most of you have found it practically impossible to speak to a human, let alone from the correct department that understands what this guy wants me to do and how to do it... Any ideas?

Thanks in advance for any relevant info. 

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Re: Test email account

AFAIK the grey coloured text indicates the folder / message is pending deletion; dependent on email client configuration a deleted message can be moved to the Trash folder or marked for deletion and left where it is. You maybe able to solve the issue by:

  • signing into webmail
  • select ☰ > Settings > ▸ Email > Change IMAP subscriptions
  • expand all folder views by selecting , make sure all folder are selected and select Save
  • select Email (located top left); if newly subscribed to folders are not listed refresh page by pressing Ctrl + Shift + R
  • locate the corresponding folders listed in grey coloured text by Edison, select, then select (next to folder name) and Delete from pop-up menu