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TP link box no longer works on Virgin/O2 network switchover

Tuning in

On the Virgin/ O2 network changeover on Saturday (of which I was noir informed by email) my TP Link box no longer works. I know this because I have 2 boxes a dlink and a TP Link with 2 sims.

Both sims work in the DLink since the changeover and the TP Link doesn’t.

I have an app that can communicate with the TP Link and it works fine and is visible as a wifi source on all my devices it just doesn’t now connect to the internet.

I’m livid as Virgin are washing their hands of this problem even though I bought the sim on the understanding it would work with the box. Now Virgin has changed the operating network to O2 under the customers and this has, in effect, deprecated there box. 

What can I do?

If I elect to buy a 3rd party box like the cheap D-Link DWR 932 4G/3G how can I be sure1) It will work 2) It won’t be deprecated yet again when 5G comes into my area.

I’m tearing my hair out at this at the moment and any help would be most welcome 


Alessandro Volta

I think you need to set the correct APN in the router as the APN profile has changed.

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Brill - it worked on 3G but managed to changed the APN - it works!!!!

Excellent - pity Virgin staff didn't have the capability to deal with this. 

Best Wishes,



For the record for anyone else with this problem - here are the settings I used for the TP_LINK_M7350_38ECT2