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TP-LInk Deco and BQM

For those interested in such matters - if you don't own a TP-Link Deco there's nothing relevant below, and if you own a Deco but don't know what a BQM is, then this is going to be too much information - stop reading now.

Last year, TP-Link issued v1.4 firmware for all Deco mesh systems, and this improved some functionality but also disabled ICMP/IGMP response.  What this means is that the Deco ignores incoming ping requests, which is a (very small) security improvement, but also means that a service like ThinkBroadband's BQM will not work.  This update was pushed through the Deco app, so most Deco systems other than the most recently bought will likely have this.  

TP-Link have taken on customer feedback, and now issued v1.5 firmware with a range of enhancements one of which is to make this ICMP/IGMP capability switchable, although off by default.  Recently bought Deco systems may well be running v1.5, in which case no action is needed.  Unfortunately v1.5 is a major release firmware update, and isn't being pushed through the Deco app like intermediate updates have, so it is a manual update using the Deco's web interface.  The firmware, along with very clear instructions can be downloaded from the TP-Link website, and having done this, I confirm this all works.  If you don't have the confidence to (for example) update your PC's BIOS, or update a device driver, this may be something you'd like to give a miss. 

Make sure you select both the right product, and the right version number; If you get this wrong you may "brick" your mesh system., and that's bad because the Deco units whilst of the right size, aren't heavy enough to use as doorstops.  If you're trying this without a "proper" computer (PC, Mac, Linux) I can't say how well it would work, I can see that being tricky on various levels, although it should be possible - you need to be able to read a PDF, download and extract a zipped file, then navigate a browser to the Deco interface, and select the extracted file.

If you decide that you'll go for this, then read the customer guidance and "how to" notes fully before starting, and don't rush.  You'll need to login to the Deco's web interface using the admin password (not the wifi password) you probably chose and then forgot when you installed the Deco, although that can be reset easily enough.  After you've updated, you will then need to use the web interface to go into settings and check the box for responding to IGMP requests, you can't enable IGMP through the app.  Setup or restart your BQM, job done.

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Re: TP-LInk Deco and BQM

Good guide for people who need it.

There are 10 types of people: those who understand binary and those who don't and F people out of 10 who do not understand hexadecimal c1a2a285948293859940d9a49385a2