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Should I wait for another call?

Joining in

Hey, I’m currently paying £72.75 for a 350mb, recently cancelled and got a call the next day, they offered £39 for 1gig or £33 for 500mb, I said it wouldn’t make sense for me to accept it as i have a £27.99 offer available from another provider, they said they couldn’t match it and to call them back if i change my mind. Will they give me a better deal before me disconnection day (10 oct)? I wouldn’t mind paying £39 for 1gig but i see many people here are paying like £25 for it and i’d like to get that as well. Has anyone gotten more calls from them after their initial offers? I’s been a week now since their first call.


Alessandro Volta

No one can (reliably) answer the questions you ask.

VM tries to carve out an individual price for each customer. Whatever VM offers, and how much effort VM puts in to trying to retain you as a customer, will be based on a whole bunch of different things for your individual circumstances.

VM's offers tend to be 'of the moment' so, if you are renegotiating, it's as well to have all your facts and figures for alternative providers to hand as well as an idea of what your 'bottom line' price/speed is when VM makes its offer.

If you ring VM back again, you may well find that none of the previous offers you mention are available any more.

In the absence of anything else changing, and if price is your main decision driver, then the £27.99 offer from the alternative provider is the best you have available at the moment.

I wouldn't count on VM to call you. Once they  told me specifically they should call me and booked in a time and even that call never came and I had to call again and they had no record in the system of the appointment they made with me and was I was told they don't make calls like that