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Recomendations for a Good Router with built in VPN and good Wifi

Knows their stuff

Just wondering if anyone has any recommendations for a good router (running the hub in modem mode) that has built in VPN. This is to setup a lan to lan vpn with my Draytek 2865. I could get another Draytek 2865, but they won't need to load balance 2 Wans like I do.


Alessandro Volta

A zyxel
suggest VPN100 or FLEX/ATP200 or above


Or build a PfSense Firewall-Router, which is free & open source.   All you need is a basic PC (ideally with Intel I5 or better & 2GB or 4GB ram).

I run PfSense behind both my VM at BT modems, with PF load balancing the connections.    For remote access I use OpenVPN server for inbound.  Clients connect via whichever WAN responds first.    It will also support IP-Sec if you want.   Both modes also support site-to-site VPN where you want the connection always active.


For WiFi just use separate access points in mesh.