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Recognise printer on Superhub 3

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Greetings all

As I don't use wireless on my system, all peripheral devices are connected to the hub are via ethernet cables.

My current issue, am trying to install my HP Laserjet 5 printer (via ethernet) to my system, but cannot get the hub to recognise the printer as a device. The result of this is that I cannot install the printer on to my system.

I was under the impression that the hub had the capability to detect any device connected to it?

Can anyone offer any advice please?






How is the HP Printer getting an IP address ?

Even better - what is its IP address ?

If the answer is not in the range :-

++  set the HP Printer to get an IP by DHCP then it will show in the Hub's connected devices and be available to use.

++ use the Hub 3's DHCP Reserved list if a known and stable IP address is preferred for the HP Printer.

Alessandro Volta
It may not link if the hub is bad for supporting 100Mb link speed.

its some what likely you can put a 1Gb switch between hub and printer but you might as well get a better router and use hub in modem mode.

Perhaps the HP Printer has as static IP and was last used on say a BT Router so is set in the range, that would make it not visible and not reachable if connected to a Hub 3 in Router mode.   Reverting the HP Printer to DHCP would get it on line with the Hub 3 and PCs on the LAN.

I omitted to mention the Hub 3's  >>> "Connected devices"  page only lists devices that have an IP from the Hubs DHCP.

Static IP equipment or Reserved list IPs in the to .0.9 range do not appear on the Connected devices list but work perfectly.


Firstly my thanks to everyone (so far) who have responded and this is indeed turning out to be a most frustrating exercise.

Printer: HP Laserjet 5
Printer ethernet interface card: Emulex (NetJet) type ER2010293-05

A previous self test via printer's self test/configuration, provided the following info against the printer interface card:
MAC address: 00 00 C9 07 69 2A - note, the colons omitted to fool the filter - otherwise end up as **:**: **: **: **: **
IP address:
Subnet mask:
Default remote printer name: NJA07692A_01

Note, I have no way of changing the IP addresses above as the printer menu map does not have options for ethernet. 

Have tried the DHCP option entering the above mac address and assigned an Ip address of which (looks like) to have been accepted as a reserved address, rebooted the hub and the printer with lights showing at the hub and printer interface card.

Bearing in mind that I'm using Linux Mint 19.3 utilising both the inbuilt printer setup function and also the HPLIP (HP Linux Imaging and Printing) software - neither of which can locate the printer.

I'm at a loss as to what may be the problem, sigh ....!

look forward to constructive comments



Alessandro Volta

@bw41101 wrote:


Firstly my thanks to everyone (so far) who have responded and this is indeed turning out to be a most frustrating exercise.




Have you got a Windows device to try using the HP Jetadmin administration software to set it up and assign an IP address?

Given the age of the printer, when did you last have it working and what network/setup was it connected to previously before the VM hub?

Can you ping the printer at ?

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

All the HP printers I have had or used you can change the network settings using the buttons on them although it’s rather a labourous task. Is it a LaserJet 5N or just a 5 with someone else’s network card?

There are 10 types of people: those who understand binary and those who don't and F people out of 10 who do not understand hexadecimal c1a2a285948293859940d9a49385a2

Just looking for a manual for the brought into view dates before the turn of the century and systems like the VAX/VMS.

If changing the HP's IP address proves to be a stumbling block, could a Hub 3 be used with a Router to produce a local area network that includes the Class B range   ?  

Just a thought ...

As an isolated test for Mint and the HP printer consider this.

If the Mint computer and the HP printer were attached to a 10/100 switch and the Mint computer's IP set to the Mint computer should now be able to reach the HP printer. 

It would then be possible to try configuring a printer driver in Mint to discover if the drivers exist and are functional.