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Alessandro Volta
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Quick V6 remote pairing question

My mancave V6 remote, is working on i.r. and works well with controlling the Samsung TV volume - including the much desired "scrolling" option.  Been like that forever and it didnt bother me until I moved the V6 around a bit, and now I have to reach out to get it to work.  So, if I pair it onto the RF control mode, will the remote "lose" the code and not work the TV volume until I re-input the code?

I recall that being a pain as several worked to do the one click operation but only one was the right code to facilitate the scrolling.  I would prefer to avoid that and just reposition the V6.

Not a big deal I know but these little details matter  Smiley Happy

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Re: Quick V6 remote pairing question

All you are doing is pairing with the V6. It doesn’t reset the remote so the TV code should stay as it is as it still operates under IR.

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