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New router not visible, Wireless-N 7260 Driver update required

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Came across this issue today, it's super obnoxious that Intel has removed the drivers for EOL products.

The Wireless-N 7260 card was used in the DN2820FY NUC; the drivers between the Wireless-N and Wireless-AC cards are identical.

The latest 7260 Bluetooth and WiFI drivers (v21.10.1 released on 2019-04-12) are still available direct from Intel, just hidden away in the DN2820FY drivers page:

If they get removed, they have been archived on the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine:

Unfortunately Intel blocks the Wayback Machine from saving the driver listing pages (redirects to login). If people are after the published SHA-1 hashes, I've archived the driver listing pages via

SHA-1 hashes:

  • bt_21.10.1_64_win10.exe - C6F989180A18C0077C4E2EB5BE74C612BE6276E5

  • bt_21.10.1_32_win10.exe - C6F989180A18C0077C4E2EB5BE74C612BE6276E5 (not a copy and paste error - the hash for the 32-bit driver is the same as the 64-bit driver and I've checked this)

  • wifi_21.10.1_proset64_win10.exe - B7938CA268B635A5753659841878E127B3694819

Hope this helps.