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New HUB 3 firmware 9.1.1912.304

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Anyone else had this recently?

My HUB 3 updated last night.


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Yes I got it last night too

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Yes, and my netgear ac1200 wifi extender promptly stopped working.. Got it back up by manually configuring it yesterday but it is belly up again today. Had to put in my old extender which seems to be fine. Main difference is that my ac1200 is dual band and my old extender single band. Looks like frustrating days ahead with my wifi.

Yep. Issue was with the 5ghz. Resolved by disabling channel optimisation, giving 5ghz its own ssid and connecting 2.4 and 5 separately to the extender.

Finger crossed all will be well now.

mine still shows 9.1.1912.302 but not restarted for 17 day's. maybe a restart might pull a new update.

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I've been having the exact same issue - the 5Ghz radio stops broadcasting the SSID, I've had to disable / renable the radio to get it working again but in no time at all it drops out again.

I also renamed the 5G SSID and disabled channel optimisation but I hear that it's DOWN yet again, my wireless extender is only connected via 5G to backhaul the traffic and then it broadcasts at 2.4G - this was a workaround to a fault with TP Link and was also an efficient way to manage the Wifi frequencies but with this fault with the 5G radio on the router it means the repeater isn't working at all.

I hope that Virgin fix this ASAP and release a fix, with everyone working from home this is causing absolute dramas!

mine is still on 9.1.1912.302, but my uptime is only 3 days, so not sure what caused the hub to reboot 3 days ago.


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My SuperHub 3 received this 9.1.1912.304 update at about 1:10am this morning.  Does anybody what's new or changed?

I also got it at 1.10 this morning also wondering what its fixing or changing.

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This Hub 3 firmware update is being rolled out over time in preparation for the forthcoming launch of a new product currently being trialled by some customers. A similar update is being rolled out for the Hub 4 for the same reason.

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