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Network Expansion onto OFNL site - Bromsgrove

Tuning in


I live on an estate in B61 0 postcode area that is served by OFNL FTTP services. Virgin have over the last 3 days installed 2 new grey cabinets about 10 metres from the OFNL one on the main road just outside the estate. the virgin roadworks notification (NK101NBMRNDCX00077078) said "new service connection".  I'm putting 2 and 2 together and getting 5 probably, but anyone on the forum in the know on any expansion plans in this area?  The folk on the estate are always complaining about the cost of broadband from the OFNL providers and it would be nice to at least have a choice that isnt them, I know virgin are present on newer OFNL estates, wasn't sure if they're retro fitting to ones where they have presence nearby.

Only other thing I can think of is there is planning for a new 3 mast on the opposite side of the road and wondering if it might be backhaul for that...... long shot, but if anyone knows and is allowed to disclose......




Tuning in

Hey John,

Did you ever get any luck finding out about your installation? Trying to work out if anyone OFNL has successfully had VM ducting installed in the OFNL network - or whether the whole this is just a potential contract for the future (VM over OFNL ducting).


No, havent found out a thing..... there are now 2 Virgin cabinets next to the OFNL cabinet, and an open duct with a plastic cover on it awaiting a 3rd cabinet to go on it, I can't think what they would need all that cab space for if it isn't for this purpose and they just havent finished yet.  There are no other works or services/businesses nearby (I thought it could be servicing a 3 mast that was going up, but BT delivered that), neither the current OFNL properties, or the none-OFNL properties around this cabinet location can get Virgin services.  I walk the dog past the location every morning and keep hoping one day I'll see a van and some activity or someone I can ask.... it's been at least 4 months since they last touched it, they had a trench dug from the OFNL cabinet location to the new Virgin cabinet locations......  I also contacted OFNL to ask when the 900Mb services would be coming to my postcode (we top out at 360mb at the moment) and got a "this year" response.... that was 4 months ago also...

I was looking at moving house last year (it didnt happen), but the new location had OFNL's list of providers leaflets and Virgin Media leaflets in the show homes.  the different is that this location would have been built that way from day 1. My current house is 2017 before the deal and when it was called IFNL.  My understanding which is based on talking to someone who had moved there is that the virgin service last mile uses a spare OFNL provided fibre that is coiled up in the cabinet under the stairs in my case, so they dont actually have to do anything in the ducts beyond joining the cabinets together as the service is delivered over the OFNL infra, makes sense I guess. will update here if anything ever happens, as no doubt you have found, info is almost non-existent from any source on OFNL and anything related.