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Liberty Global does further outsourcing to Indian company Infosys

Alessandro Volta

Liberty Global has agreed a €1.5bn outsourcing contract which will see Infosys take over the operation and development of its core entertainment and connectivity software platform for the next five years.

This adds to an existing three-year relationship with Infosys covering core operational IT services. 

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Infosys are the fastest way to turn an ERP or business transformation programme to rodent droppings.

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You will only have to try to obtain help and you'll soon find that this is one area VM/LG has ensured customers to be very likely ex-customers.  I think that is one of the reasons for a minimum of 18 months contracts.  But if the issue starts month 1 or month 2 then the person is going to be mightily p$%%&* off.  I would suggest the board of LG ring their help line to learn why people do not speak highly of VM aftercare.