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Re: Is it easy to swap a TiVo box over with a V6 box?

Unless I'm reading you wrong, you'd like to swap an existing TiVo that's currently working for a V6?

If so, you can probably do it. Downstream won't change and upstream is no longer relevant. Providing the wifi coverage in that room is good and there is a TiVo working in there currently, I can see no issue.

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Re: Is it easy to swap a TiVo box over with a V6 box?

Howard ML.


Not sure what you mean by clear enough, clearly my post was not clear enough for you. Besides you sound like an arse.


Its is a simple cable, no break in its continuity, so entirely possible lol. What is there to guarantee. It was part of one of the usual Virgin Media cowboy installs in a previous two Tivo box top bundle package deal, it delivered a signal to the upstairs Virgin Tivo while a Tivo also ran downstairs, can you picture that, a Virgin media tech with a plumbers crack installing Virgin downstairs and making a hole in the ceiling to run co-ax through to plug a tivo in upstairs too.


So the cable is fine, that old install is gone, its been my own single V6 SELF INSTALL using the OLD TIVO and original Telewest wall connection downstairs for a long time.

So are you saying if I unplug my V6, take it upstairs, it wont work where the old Tivo was working?


So why did I not need a tech to install my new V6 package?

Do I need a tech when I move all the downstairs AV equipment 25ft down the wall to its old location too?


My appologies, I thought I was asking a reasonable simple question.


And lets be honest, many of us do not have fond memories of skilled techs, more of cowboys with big drills **bleep**ising installs that then require rewiring and dressing or bugs ironed out later.


For the record, in my old system I ran my set up under the TV, with a PC 5m away, issues with internet had a tech install a "booster" on the co-ax line that made zero difference in or out circuit. It got better later when I changed from the supplied Virgin kit. When I relocated that kit 5m away with my own cables it was fine, didnt require any tech or suffered any power issues.


The upstairs co-ax is 5m to 10m max.


So if the current V6 instal can be moved upstairs utilising that cable, I was wondering as I could install this Virgin media V6 package myself within a self install pack years back, why cant I just install the second V6 myself too "IF" the cable and F connections are suitable.





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Re: Is it easy to swap a TiVo box over with a V6 box?

Hi sastusbulbas,

You'll need to contact VM first so they can check local availability. 

Then providing the  upstairs VM co-ax socket is still live you should be able to install the additional V6 yourself. If it's not then you'll need an engineer visit which will cost £30 (it used to be £99 but has just changed recently)

If there’s already a cable plugged into your Virgin Media wall socket, use the spanner supplied in the additional V6 kit to remove it.

You may find that the existing point is a screw in connection, however the new connections are push in but will still fit onto the original point by just pushing.

Don't forget to be patient as the V6 can take 25/30 minutes to start, plus you may need to call  0800 953 9500 to activate the new V6

Also bear in mind that the V6 needs a VM  interent connection to work properly. Although it can work with wifi, you may have problems using the apps/catchup unless connected with an ethernet cable.


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