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Internet bridge

Tuning in

I have a Tado heating control system and a virgin 3.0 hub and am having difficulties with the Internet connection,  which only appears to work if the firewall is turned off.  I have spoken to Tado and they have run out of ideas.  Has anyone got a potential solution?



Make sure Child Safe is Disabled in the Virgin Media online account.

Have checked and it is turned off.

Many thanks for the link but we have tried all those and they have not worked.   The system did work until about a month ago so has there been an update thar has caused this and if so would a more up to date router be the solution?

We have been on Hub 3 Software Version: 9.1.2208.100 for many months.

If you have eve used device pausing on the VM Connect app, go through the Hub's menus to see that is not the blocker here.

Not sure what that is so I doubt I have used it.  The bridge was connected just after Christmas and was working fine until about a month ago as I say.

The firewall settings that has to do...something...

No really put hub in modem mode and just get a better router with 1Gb ports.

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

You do not need any firewall mods for Tado, works on my router on a VLAN without problems. I do know that its Ethernet connection is only 10M, first device for absolutely ages that I’ve seen like this.

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