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Internal wall socket insulation

I am having new thicker insulating plasterboard installed on inside wall. How is the wall socket attached to the wall? Can it be unscrewed, new plasterboard added and then reattached to wall without disturbing any cable connections?

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Re: Internal wall socket insulation

It should be possible to carefully dismantle the VM box to fit the plasterboard for someone with some basic tech abilities. The plasterers or builders should maybe not necessarily be your first choice to do this task though, based on how electrical fittings often end up during building works!

You might have a problem if you do not have sufficient existing slack in the cable to refit the box with the extra depth of plasterboard.

VM seem to have recently reduced the cost of their technician visits (for things like cable modifications) from £99 to £25

If you need to, you could factor that in as part of your insulation project costs.