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I am useless will you hire me please

Virgin have realy gone OTT  now with their failed and untested updates. I think all customers should get one year free servics and Virgin should be fined!

Since around October 2020 there have been many changes to Virgin Media and updates. The user has nooption to block these. At each update the service has become unaccesable so why am I paying for a service i can not access! The PRICE has gone upbut the service has gone DOWN..

The truth is senior mangers have hired their frainds into hi paying roles sucah as Test Directors, Test senior managers and test mangers and the customer is funding this. despite the fact the the whole hirechy within Virgin to test updates has done nothing but FAIL and cause the customer hardship.

@Virgin - How can I apply for the role of failed Test Director for at least £100,000 per anum + benifits + Private Medical + Bounus for failure. I would LOVE TO GET ALL THAT  for NOT doing anything. Who do I have to be freind? Arae there any favours I can do to get the Job? Wink, Wink you know what I maen.

check your records since November 2020 all the updates you did failed and the Virgin service has been sooo bad and unacesable its not worth using. I would love to get a job with you. No service No worry just charge iit back to the customer. An ideal JOB to have

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Re: I am useless will you hire me please

what updates. all fine my end before and after october. you need to be specific so others on here can help.
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Re: I am useless will you hire me please

thanks for letting me know all my updates failed and I had no service, Here I was unaware and happily using a working service.
That was my bad

I'm a Very Insightful Person, I'm here to share knowledge, I don't work for Virgin Media. Learn more

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Re: I am useless will you hire me please

Is this just another one of your posts where you make a complaint about some aspect of your service and then don't follow up on it?

If you really want help you'll get it, but you have to help the helpers a bit more too and not just vent.

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Re: I am useless will you hire me please

Re: I am useless will you hire me please

You cannot write a report without filling it with spelling and grammatical mistakes.

And looking at your other posts, you don't know the difference betwen megabits and megabytes, which for a technical job might be a real problem.

So yes, you have described yourself very well.  Congratulations!

P.S. You said on  28-04-2020 that you were moving to Vodaphone.  What went wrong?


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