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I Can't connect a new Amazon Fire TV stick Lite to my Wi-Fi it just keeps timing out on the accept PW

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I'm having an issue with the Fire stick handshaking with the house Wi-Fi. I done all the required checks, reboot, factory reset, Wi-Fi reset. The device will connect using the WPS connect switch, but never make the full connection and times out. I have a very strong Wi-Fi signal. Any suggestions please


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Just to clarify I can connect to both 5G and 2.4G channels. After I input the password it goes off to connect and then times out similar to connecting with WPS button. If i input a wrong password the system tells me its wrong.


Got someone using Wi-Fi Pausing & in error blocked the Fire Stick via the VM Connect app ?

You can test the Fire Stick, have it try to connect to the Hot Spot of a mobile phone.