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How to switch off Hub 5 light.

On our wavelength

Hi All

Is it possible to dim or switch off the light on the Hub 5? I used to switch off the light on the Hub 4 but it appears there are no settings for the Hub 5 to enable this. Am I stuck with a permanent light on the Hub 5?


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi @337edy2 

I'm afraid there isn't an option to do that in the settings.

You could always use some masking tape. electrical tape, wax paper or sellotape and draw over the tape with a black permanent marker

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On our wavelength

Feature request please.  There is no need to go backwards in this way.  I might be returning my Hub 5 because of it.  We sleep near the modem.

Alessandro Volta

@djanm wrote:
We sleep near the modem.

sleep on your other side


Joining in

Hey, my hub 5 had no option for LED control when I recieved it a couple weeks ago but it restarted itself last night and now has the option to dim/disable the LED 😀 Came across this post when looking to dim it myself so thought I would drop an update.

That will be the new firmware.

Yeah I figured.