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Fed up with Virgins incompetence.

I am having no end of issues after moving my Virgin Media Service to a new address. First they failed to switch it on.  Then when I phoned them, they were unable to read my TV box as they didn't have the serial number for a box they bad previously sent me.  So they sent me a new box, only without a remote.  Yet another phone call and a remote on it's way.

However the phone is still not working.  I can't  seem to register for an account.  My old account has been disconnected and it seems I have to setup a new account following a move.  Which seems stupid.  Why can't I maintain the same account following the move.  But no, I need to register a new account.

However, after many attempts, I can't seem to get past the register page.  After filling in the correct details and clicking I'm not a robot,often with an annoying picture game to complete as well.  The page just refreshes with my details still there, but the I'm not a Robot box now unticked.

How do I register?  I can't seem to check or report my phone signal without logging in.  So my only option is another phone call, waiting ages to get a reply.  

I know the Virus has hit things, but I would expect some competence from Virgin in a straight forward change of address.  This has become a farce.

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Re: Fed up with Virgins incompetence.

Hi am sorry to hear that. please PRIVATE MESSAGE ME your account number and area number I can check your services and answer any other queries you may have. to PRIVATE MESSAGE me, just hover over my profile picture and click Send Message when the option comes up. Please don't post any personal info in this thread as it's public.

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Re: Fed up with Virgins incompetence.

What happens with my contract when I move?

If you don’t change your services when you move, your contract will continue as normal. If you do change your services, you’ll be subject to a new minimum term as per the terms of your new agreement.

Section O:5

Where we have agreed with you to continue providing the same services that you received at your current address to your new address and this is during any minimum period, then that minimum period will continue at your new address (for example, where your services are on a 12 month minimum period, if you move during month 7 of your minimum period, the remaining 5 months of your minimum period will apply for those same services being provided at your new address). Where we have agreed with you to change the services you receive at your new address then a new minimum period may apply for those services and the service start date for that new minimum period will be the date that the equipment is installed at your new address.

In effect your contract package should have stayed exactly as it was, including account details, contract price, contracted services, email addresses et all. If you didn't change any of your services your minimum contracted period should also have been carried forward.

If you changed any of your services the same should apply but with a new minimum period being applied.

Sadly it will probably take a phone call to VM to get it sorted out. Good luck with that.

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Re: Fed up with Virgins incompetence.

Try registering the account with another browser.

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