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I am toying with the idea of getting FTTP. I have community fibre and have telegraph pole with 2 existing BT cables connecting to the pole.  The BT cable runs under the eave of the roof before running inside.

With fibre optic, I understand these are way more fragile compared to VMs RG6. Do they terminate it as soon as it comes into the house in case the FO breaks as they try to lay it inside.

My network setup is in the loft, so ideally I would want the OTN box to be there, but failing that the OTN box have CAT6 connections right, so I could just lay cat 6 from the OTN to the router?



Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Firstly, VM do not use an ONT, not OTN, the fibre goes to the VM Hub5x. I believe the incoming fibre is terminated at point if entry and then a patch fibre is run to the hub. So all of this would be fine with your set up.

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An aerial fibre from a telegraph pole to the house is going to be in a "blown fibre tube" which is a tough as boots. 

Below is a piece of VM blown fibre tube used for the RFoG network, it is so tough it hardly bends.


Alessandro Volta

It's only in a small proportion of cases that VM uses Openreach's ducts and poles to run fibre to the premises.

If you are in an HFC area you could get coaxial cable unless VM has recently installed fibre, in which case you will most likely get fibre from VM's cabinet to a hub 5X (a combined ONT/router) when the build team has released that area for XGS-PON sales.

If you are in an RFoG area you will most likely get fibre from VM's cabinet to an ONT on the exterior wall.

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Open Reach installed FTTP to my pole a few months back, about half of the many Providers who use OR FTTC offer full fibre on the FTTP of 100+ Mbs.

I choose a Provider and he sent a sub contractor of OR to install a fibre wire from top of the pole to my house and put a box for it on wall outside. He was a good chap showed me how fibre joined to fibre and asked me where I would like the ONT box and router in the house. I asked if internal wire could go under the floor and he said if access which I have so all work was very satisfying.

I've City Fibre or laying fibre in the main roads, I'm not sure just how they would get to our homes, by coming direct to our homes or using part of Open Reach.

Open Reach FTTP via ZEN 100mbs