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Essential Works Text Message


I've received a text from 07418 343010 starting with "Hi. it's Virgin Media..." and going on to say that essential works are being carried out in my area on Wednesday 16th September between 9am and 5 pm.

Question - is this a legit text from Virgin Media?

If any Virgin Media staff are reading this - my area reference is 24 - if these essential works are going ahead, how will my services be affected?  Why isn't there more detail in the text?

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Re: Essential Works Text Message

yes it will be legit.
your services may or may not be affected, depending on what they require to do - make the assumption that they will be affected.

there is no point giving more detail really, they can't guarantee anything. the message is to simply let you know there may be some disruption during that period and to not report any faults during that period.

virgin are under no obligation to give any advance notice.


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Re: Essential Works Text Message

Would assume it’s legit, because they do not require any personal details from you and no bad websites/email address/phone number to call.

By the way area references do not show your location, they re just for billing and two areas hundreds of miles away can have the same area reference. 

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