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Re: Dell WiFi

I just purchased a Dell XPS13 (Nov 2017) and the same issue happened to me (we have Virgin Media broadband) - would not connect to WiFi 'out of the box' (ie took the brand new Dell out of its box, switched it on and it would not connect from the get-go) - researched online saw issues with Virgin Media - called Dell support and they got me to disable Killer network card (native WiFi functionality worked) then guided me through loading replacement drivers etc then re-activated Killer which then worked - four days later same issue again so this time Dell call centre just got me to revert to an earlier version of drivers - two hours go by before it fails again - this time it appears to have been triggered by Dell Support Assistant kicking in updating/optimising networking but it's worse because it appears it took the Virgin Media router with it so all the other PCs in the house suddenly lost internet connection as well (at exactly the same time as my XPS13 stopped doing WiFi) - had to get Virgin Media support to re-install and reboot the router for the other PCs to start working again - but still the Dell XPS13 wasn't - so this time Dell callcentre support get me to uninstall and re-install the Killer application and drivers .... I point out to them that this will just revert the situation to the one two hours before where it didn't work, but did they listen ? No !  Anyway, surprise surprise, the re-installed driver causes all the same problems again (XPS13 stops working and the VIrgin Media hub 'crashes' leaving everybody in the building without Internet) - finally Dell accept that it is their problem and tell me that they will send out a technician to replace the Killer WiFi card (I believe with an Intel one) tomorrow (of course I have to be at home from 09:00 to 17:00 because they can't tell me what time they will attend) ... so, this is a known problem, the only answer is to swop out the Killer WiFi card, so why are Dell still shipping PCs with the Killer network card in it ... my guess: it is too expensive to swop them out before they are purchased, also it appears to only be an issue with Virgin Media, thus Dell, to save money, are shipping the Killer card and then responding only when a problem is reported to them !  Appalling service, added to which they mess the customer about by fiddling around with supposed 'fixes' for days before accepting that the card needs replacement (even though I told them on day one in that first call that I had identified this, Killer/Virgin, as an issue, then make me wait in for a whole day to get it fixed (allegedly) tomorrow !  Basically they are, I guess, relying on the fact that they will ship more Dells to people who don't have Virgin Media hubs, thus won't have to swop the cards out of those machines, and only need to deal with the much fewer cases of the Killer/Virgin combination ... by doing so of course condemning anybody who goes somewhere where there is Virgin Media to having an issue - if you get this issue demand Dell swop out the card straight away !

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