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D-Link router - great WiFi transfer rates, but download a bit slow?

Hi all,

I recently changed my router from a TP Link Archer C9 to a D-Link 882, thinking that it had greater capabilities and it was MU-MIMO (we have more WiFi devices than we used to).


I get great WiFi connection rates with my iPhone XR, 2018 iPad etc at about 800 mbps checked using an app, my Macbook connects at around the same, obviously all using a/c.

However I only get download speeds of around 280 mbps, (I'm on the 350 package and see 385 when wired), on the old TP-Link, I used to get around 340-370 mbps with the same devices at the same distance.

I didn't do my homework before buying the d-link router and it's a bit lacking in settings.

Can anyone suggest anything that's not plugging on the old TP-Link 🙂


Thanks in advance.

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