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Crowd sound on Sky Sports football

I’ve got a decent but old-ish Denon theatre sound system. It does not support Atmos but gives me great sound (using Dolby Digital) and vision (supports 4K).

With Covid, we now have simulated crowds for football on Sky Sports channels. It’s better than no crowd but I have a weird issue which means I have to select standard Stereo or Multichannel Stereo to eliminate the problem.

The issue is when the match commentators talk the background crowd noise increases. When they don’t talk the crowd noise drops back to normal.

It’s as if the decoder method selected on my Denon doesn’t match the broadcast method.

However, I don’t have any sound problems on BT Sports or Sky Movies. On both I can use Dolby Digital & DTS Surround.

Anybody have any ideas. I don’t want to have to replace my Denon yet.

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