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Constant Disconnects

hi all,

so here is the shortened version of an ongoing situation..

i have been experiencing low speeds and constant disconnects for around a month, after 2 weeks or so i rang in on 21st of june explaining i was having constant disconnects. The kind lady i spoke to agreed that the fault was with my router and that a replacement was to be sent within 3-5 working days, fast forward to wed 27th, low and behold no router, so i rang in again and asked why i have not recieved my router yet to which i was told the router had been cancelled as there was an ongoing issue their end. and that problems would be fixed that evening by 6pm. 2 more days and alot more disconnects later and i ring in again and after alot of arguing i get £8 off my bill, and that the service would be back up that evening by 6pm friday evening i ring in again around 8pm as still getting disconnects, and the agent said i should just wait and "hopefully" it will be fixed by then. I ring in this morning as getting more disconnects lady again told me router was the problem and there was no known outages in my area so an engineers visit was arranged to check cabling my end and to replace router. receive a txt 25 mins later saying issue in my area and they are cancelling my visit expected fix 605pm.

i then rang into tech support and asked for a supervisor who basically called me a liar and explained essentially tough luck its down but we really dont care...

now im currently at my wits end as my wife uses the internet for work and is unable to do so. i also feel that this has been a very unsatisfactory outcome and compensation for a loyal customer of 5 years.

any help appreciated as phoning them seem to have no effect and no suitable resolution can be reached.

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Re: Constant Disconnects

Hi macduff1979

I appreciate you taking the time to  get in touch with us about this and I am very sorry to hear there have been issues with your service for a month.

I can see there have been a number of issues we have been raising to our network teams and there is still ongoing work being done to rectify this issue.

At this point a replacement router would not correct the issues you have been having.

Whilst I understand you need this for your wife's work and this is a concern to you we do have to remind our customers this is a residential service agreement you have with us for the services.

With respect to the loss of services if this has  not been applied in full to cover you for the service loss period then our teams can support with this.

If you have not resolved this I have sent a PM to check into this on your behalf.

You can find this on the top right on the forums in the purple envelope.

Speak soon.


Forum Team

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