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Connecting a Samsung surround system to Virgin/TiVo box

Hi there,

I posted this as a reply in another thread but I want to make sure this gets seen as I really need help. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Just had the newest Virgin box installed but wasn't told before that the boxes can't always set up easily with external surround systems. Bit silly really when everyone has a surround system these days!

I would like some help - not sure how to connect it all now. Managed to get audio (this wasn't working first of all as we had settings turned on via the TV for the  audio to be controlled via the external speaker, but now it's back to the TV's sound).

Our Samsung surround system was previously connected to Sky via RCA x 3 cables (like these
But there is now no connection this way.

I have tried using a digital optical lead to go from the surround system to the Tivo/Virgin box, but this didn't work. I was thinking of next getting this (am waiting for it to arrive):

49348820_585485438556636_1029123663619686400_n.jpgSamsung surround sound49667043_359844398139147_7015514359992418304_n.jpgVirgin box49761517_2123743500981440_4323545269653209088_n.jpgBack of the TV49332682_357747485025362_5776731326652612608_n.jpgBack of the TV

I've included some pics above which may help (excuse the dust!)

Let me know if there is any other information or pics that could help - thank you!

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Re: Connecting a Samsung surround system to Virgin/TiVo box

You can connect the TV to your sound system rather than connecting the sound system to the v6 box.


The TV has red and white phono out that can go into your sound system, you dont need the yellow one for sound.


It  also has optical out on your TV to the v6 box which gives better sound

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Re: Connecting a Samsung surround system to Virgin/TiVo box

Your Samsung has HDMI output but are you saying that it has no HDMI input? I find that surprising. If there is no HDMI input, connect the TV to the V6 by HDMI cable and a TOSLINK cable from the V6 to the Samsung should work, but if it doesn't I suggest that you get a more modern sound system.

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