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I couldn’t find anywhere else to put this so I really hope that the lady that I spoke to it and all her peers and managers see it but for the last 4 days I have been trying to solve an issue and been passed from pillar to post, today I’ve spoken to an amazing lady named Annie I truly hope this finds her. Can I start of by saying, wow; her customer service is just amazing she went above and beyond and did in just 30 minutes what no one else could do in 4 days. Virgin media should be proud to have a member of staff like that working for them, I didn’t feel like I was just another customer calling I felt like I was talking to a friend and someone that wanted to genuinely help me. As you can imagine we’re all going through a tough time with the current situation and right now speaking to such a genuine kind hearted person is exactly what the world needs more of. I asked to be put through to a manager but got cut off along the way, I’m really not the type of person to do things like this but I couldn’t just let this be forgotten. Annie I hope this finds you, thank you so much and I really hope you get the recognition you deserve. 

from Lea 

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Re: Compliment

I've directed your post to the VM staff on this Forum to respond.

They have ways and means of finding your Annie and passing on the message, and finding her manager too and making sure her hard work and generous attitude is recognised. But don't be surprised if they have to contact you (in private) for more detail.

Given that community forums like this attract more than their fair share of griping it was a pleasure reading this. Most of us who respond here initially are VM customers like you. Gives us hope that humanity and generosity of spirit will triumph over all this current trouble and turbulence. It made my Sunday reading it.

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Re: Compliment

Morning @Leahoey and thanks for so much for taking the time to let us know about your recent experience.

I actually know the Annie you spoke to and agree she's a great asset to the business.

I've sent on your comments on to her and her manager, which I'm sure they'll be really pleased with.

All the best,

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