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How the hell do you stop the 08000521251 call centre ringing you literally every day offering an up graded deal. despite being told numerous times to shove their deal

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Re: Complaint

Hi @AndyHiggins 

Yes it appears to be a genuine VM number however there are so many spam calls from overseas spoofing numbers that you can't be certain it's VM.

If you want to block calls from that number then log into My Virgin Media  turn of the marketing there (under account settings). If you also have a mobile with VM then do the same with the online mobile account. 

Turning off marketing doesn't stop VM sending literature by post to the householder.

Please note it can take up to 28 days to take effect, so you may still be plagued with calls for the time being.

Also there are no separate options to turn off telephone, post, text messages, tv edit magazine etc individually, so all forms of marketing will be stopped.


I don't work for Virgin Media.

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