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Alessandro Volta
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Bursty download cause packet loss.

So this is not me needing help yet just my observation as when my connection is idle its fine.

The loss is downstream as I'm Wireshark right up to the hub for BQM host and see missing requests to me.

The problem can be one of two places either the hub rate limiter or at the VM gateway, here is what I think is happening when a download like from steam a burst of packets in like xxxms happen which triggers the rate limit and drops some random packets in a attempt to slow the rate before hitting max rate limit which I rate limit before it tries to get to that which is why BQM shows low yellow latency and does not spike high. I have not really seen anyone else with this problem meaning it could be by design on the SH1 and could mean newer hubs do the same thing only they don't drop random packets and target the ones being greedy or bursty.

But If I download to a SSD I don't see a problem then if a download to a HDD now I know what your thinking and I get that but whats happening is this to a HDD (a RAID 5 array) writes small files the download has to stop and waits then starts again this stop and start causes a bursty download as said above what I think is happening.

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