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Re: Avoid virgin media

well this is a "community" forum.
however, at no point have i said the company is "great" or otherwise.

the answer to the question would have been relevant due to the wording of the compsenation rules set in place by ofcom themselves.
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Re: Avoid virgin media

huh, too long; did not read....  TL;DR

all I say to  people who keep moaning like this, is "wish you luck with another provider..."

in UK, thanks to BT shareholders keeping it going there is ONLY ONE other major supplier of phone and cable... and even thinkBB says there is plenty of cable supplier, BUT if you actually try registering interest,

you will find a majority of them are just salesmen, and very few actual ones out in the country.. not much in Greater London where I am.. I HAVE tried..

and when you get  TalTalk, plusnet, etc to get your net going you will be happy for a year.. Until they put up prices, slow down, etc...

until it fails, and you wait "only 2 or 3 weeks" for them to fix it... "

" we are waiting for OpenReach (still loosely connected to BT!) to check it"

and more hour long waits for support...



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