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Adding an alternate INTERIOR cable to my router

I was was not present when my Virgin cabling was installed. It runs from an external brown box into my loft where a white single connector box is located, from here a cable has been run into a back bedroom into the router.  Having lived here for a while I wish to have the router placed in another room to get an all round better signal.  I assume I can rip off the cable clips off my beam and simply drag the interior box back closer to the new room and make appropriate ceiling hole to get the router cable back down into the new room.

However I would ideally like to add a new router cable and run that back from the interior box to the new room, simply unscrewing the existing cable and screwing in a new one.   I wish to leave the old router cable in place as I a likely to change the house config in the summer.

So the question is what box to router cable works and with what connector at the interior box end?

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Re: Adding an alternate INTERIOR cable to my router

Hi @wharfbob 

If you want the hub moving then you would need to book a VM tech to manage the cabling. This would be a fee of £25 for a non fault callout.

It's VM's terms and conditions that you can't use your own cabling etc. Any changes need to be made their qualified techs as you may introduce noise into the equation which can affect not just your connection, but also that of neighbours, and you would be responsible for any damage etc caused by this.


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