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tv go app not working

I have used virgin tv go successfully for nearly 2 years. However last few weeks I have tried to access it and it does not work. On my virgin media account details under TV it acknowledges a problem and said engineers were looking at it. After a week or two of this and ever changing dates the fix date is now 24th October which is 11 months away!

I have now got Firefox on my computer registered 3 times but still whenever I try to watch it it says I need to register a device. Same thing when I try and register my phone or tablet.

I sent an email complaint in 3 days ago to complaints department and heard nothing.

My wife has just been on hold on the phone for 40mins and has hung up.

Customer service is awful, no way to speak to anyone so I have to go to an online forum like it's the year 2000.

Has anyone else had this problem and know a workaround? Is the engineer thing real or [REMOVED]? Do virgin even care about customers?

And can anyone help me?!

Thanks, joe

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Re: tv go app not working

Thanks for the post Joe and welcome to our community.


We can't see this listed as an area fault at the moment, how are things today? 


Thanks, Emily.

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